Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf 7-1-14

We went all Electric EV sooner than I thought we would and leased a Nissan Leaf in December of 2013.  Why lease? So we could trade it in 3 years down the line for another EV with more distance on a single charge.  We love how quiet it is and it actually has some power taking off.  It handles 90% of all our driving needs as our daily travels do not exceed about 45 miles.  We have solar so we just plug it in and let the sun do the rest.  For us an EV that goes 200 to 300 miles on a single charge would be perfect.  If we went on a really long trip we would most likely rent a car to save the on mileage as rentals are now down to as little at $15 per day.  If you noticed we are parked at Tesla charge station you might want to click on the picture to watch our YouTube video that explains just what we are doing there.  There will be a lot more EV’s to pick from in 2017 so the excitement is picking up.